Dropping Loads Episode 10: Blowflex

In this episode, Nikki joins us for her first official guest spot, while a Chris Hansen soundboard fills in for Jon to discuss the potential for some nude beach correspondence, reminisce on our parents' willingness or reluctance to talk sex, and celebrate our 10th episode with three games for Loads of FUN. 

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Pouch here! Holy shit, episode 10 was a long time coming. With shit happening on our side of recording and editing, I decided to take up the mantle and try to shave down the monster of a recording session and make it more eligible for human consumption. It was pretty difficult and this was my first time doing this, so apologies if it's not up-to-par with Milky's mad editing skillz (That's right, I used the 'z', bitch). And you must be wondering where all this cool shit I've been promising is? Well, I'm going to keep promising because it's coming, it's just taking much longer than anticipated. Patience! As usual, please check us on Facebook or TwitterEmail, and leave a review for us on iTunes. Intro/Outro theme: The Scofflaws - Nude Beach (Live).

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Captain Cock

Get a Load of This

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Guy Likes the Sensation of Uni-cycling Naked

Girl Lies about Swallowing Toothbrush

Man Uses Briefs as Disguise to Rob Coffee House

Loads of FUN
Price is Milky
Urban Dic
Shooting Blanks
For more details on the topics discussed in this episode, visit the official Dropping Loads Blog.

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