Dropping Loads Episode 100: Jitney from Space

In the episode, DLP turns 100 with a special live-streamed episode featuring all three Semi-Permanents. Paco serves up some Tacos, Ness talks metal old and new in Metal Ness, and SPJ presses the Urban SAP button in Semi-Plot. Milky just wants to see an upside-down Asian. 

Pouch here. Originally entitled the "Dropping Loads 100th Episode Over-the-Hill Jump-the-Shark Extravaganza Celebration to Commemorate 100 Episode," I decided against that when nobody found it funny but me. So, as expected, the live stream was a complete clusterfuck. Most of which had to do with serious technical difficulties with Paco's segment. Yes, we tested everything prior to going live, but shit happens. Aside from all of that, we had a great time and now that we know we are capable of doing a live stream, we may or may not revisit that in the future. Intro/Outro: Architects of Fear - Don't Poke a Dead Guy
Paco's Tacos
Cell Phone of Little Boy Sleeping and Unknown Selfie-taker
Serial Killer of the Day: Dean Corll - The Candy Man
Metal Ness
Meliora by Ghost 
Special thanks to El Henno for providing us with some sick riffs for the Metal Ness segment. Check out Moving the Needle Podcast and Gotham Lights Podcast
Shit We Mentioned
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