Dropping Loads Episode 12: CONSISTENCY!!!

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Milky here, to bring yet another episode of Dropping Loads podcast, the only podcast that has the same amount of listeners as its cast members. I don't exactly know how long we've been doing this for this far, but I don't think we're stopping any time soon even if no one listens. Hopefully new and better things are to come for DLP. And Pouch was wrong, a steer is a castrated bull... idiot. As usual, please check us on Facebook or TwitterEmail, and leave a review for us on iTunes. Intro/Outro theme: The Products Featuring ZEPS - Who's Thirsty?

In this Jonless episode, the DLP boys discuss the podcast's description, introduce a possible new segment, Eugene shows us his inner black woman, and Dave tells us a very "shitty" work story.

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For more details on the topics discussed in this episode, visit the official Dropping Loads Blog.

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