Dropping Loads Episode 159: Welcome to Trump World

In this episode, Paco returns to help grieve over the results of the 2016 Presidential election. Milky reveals that he's very knowledgeable about tortillas and serial killers. Pouch is anti-Paco. 

Pouch here. I think we've been pretty darn clear in the past on what we thought about our current president-elect. As a group of primarily minorities, we had no interest in electing a bigoted president. Apologies if we may have offended your political sensibilities, but we're upset and very concerned over the safety of our loved ones. Intro/outro: Michael Andrews - Mad World (featuring Gary Jules) Thunderclap Effects: Pablo Perez

Get a Load of This

Hiding Meth in Stacks of Tortillas

In China, High-beam Abusers Sit in Front of High-beams

Bike Lock that Tries to Induce Vomiting When Someone Tries to Steal it

Pouch's Fajitas

Chilling Horror Stories that Actually Happened

Paco's Tacos

Victor Ardisson - The Vampire of Muy

Corpse Brides

Ghost Follows Someone into a Taxi

Ghost Fucks with Cleaning People

Daughters of Serial Killers

Serial Killer of the Day: Todd Kohlhepp

Shit We Mentioned

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