Dropping Loads Episode 16: Notorious Knight Rises

In this episode, Nikki, Juan, and Mrs. Milky join in as the boys discuss the applications of the word "notorious" and curious sex-related crimes in another edition of "Get a Load of This." Then, the boys rip apart The Dark Knight Rises in an extensive and spoilerific review. SPOILERS!

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As usual, it's Pouch coming at you with the newest episode of Dropping Loads. Though, it's starting to occur to me that we have way more fans of our awesome channel than of the podcast. Eh... The podcast is still a good reason to bring most of the DLP boys and friends together. This one was recorded at Mr. and Mrs. Milky's Summer Palace with one of the biggest crowds in a while, which means there was a shit-ton of problems during this recording session. For the most part, you should just expect shitty quality in general. I'm tired of making excuses when it's every episode now... though, this one I can easily explain. This one is our longest in about month because we finally got most of the boys together and we had an important topic to discuss: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES!

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