Dropping Loads Episode 166: Save Me, YahBoy!

In this episode, SPJ brings us a new grand mystery about having sex on the Great Wall of China. Pouch wants to get SPJ to the Players Ball. Yahboy language takes over. 

Milky here. This was our first podcast recording of the year, and it was a blast. It's always a blast when SPJ stops by to regale us with tales of pimpage, mysteries, and swag. For some odd reason, we decided to spend some time talking about celebrities in this episode. Hopefully, we don't bore everyone with our lack of pop culture knowledge. Enjoy! Intro/Outro: Nekrogoblikon - Nekrogoblikon

Get a Load of This

Canadian Punches a Fucking Cougar to Save his Dog

Dumbass Tries to Fucking Sell Plastic Bag with Weed

Azealia Banks Practices Fucking Brujeria

 Shit We Mentioned

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