Dropping Loads Episode 171: Lechita

In this episode, Milky suspects that something is wrong with Paco. Pouch was almost picked up by some older ladies. Milky explains the benefits of intimacy with an elderly woman. 

Pouch here. Paco managed to sit in on one episode right before heading to Uruguay with Milky. However, Paco was acting very fucking weird. As for my plans while they're in Uruguay, expect a one week hiatus at some point and then a solo pod by me. Sorry, folks. Doing what I can while Milky is in a different country. Intro/outro: Church of Misery - Son of A Gun (David Berkowitz).

Get a Load of This

Hater App Coming to Fucking Bring People Together Mutual Dislikes

Fucking Hot Cheeto Shaped Like Harambe Selling for almost $100,000

A Fucking Roach was Found in Lady’s Head

Paco's Tacos

9 Haunted Roads In South Florida That Will Make You Piss Yourself

The Man from Taured

Serial Killer of the Day: David Berkowitz - The Son of Sam

Shit We Mentioned

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