Dropping Loads Episode 18: Sticky

In this episode, DLP is inundated with estrogen courtesy of Mrs. Milky and Nikki speaking of menstrual cycles and orgasms. The crew reminds folks of the significance in the journey toward the booty, while Mrs. Milky copes with being featured on the evening news buying toilet paper.

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Who else updates this page but Pouch?! Nobody! This episode had some difficulty coming together because of schedule synchronization and whatnot, but we remain committed to consistent entertainment! In this episode, we're back at Milky Way Studios, where we belong. Problem is that the A/C has been broken for months, so we've been reluctant to fit 5 people in there for the longest. We decided to it was worth the effort this time around only to come out with disastrous results... and verbalizing about how hot it is or tinkering with the fan to maintain coolness for a roomful of sweating podcasters went on record. I ended up cutting a lot of that.

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