Dropping Loads Episode 186: Real Life Cat Dude

In this episode, Paco and the boys discuss parental discipline and their experiences with getting beat. Both Pouch and Milky contribute to a new edition of Paco's Tacos. 

Pouch here. Paco's back and as you can see, there wasn't anything planned for the first quarter of the episode. Those first 15 minutes or so are completely organic and random. Hope you enjoy our banter. Intro/outro: Marilyn Manson - If I Was Your Vampire. 

Get a Load of This

Only One Fucking Person in this Graduating High School

Fucking Vampire Couple

Dogs Found Because Owners Fucking Cooked Sausages

Paco's Tacos

Pouch's Fajitas: 5 Creepy as Heck Murders that Remain Unsolved to this Day

Parents Who Duct Taped Children Did So Because They Were ‘Demon Possessed’

Skyway Bridge

The Enduring Legend of the Girl Who Died in Odessa's Catacombs

Serial Killer of the Day: Karla Faye Tucker

Shit We Mentioned

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