Dropping Loads Episode 19: Bling Bling

In this episode, Milky rants on the decline of western civilization after Snooki is allowed to spawn and shows us the extent of his rapping skills. The boys talk extensively on music while Pouch shares a story about a romantic outing to see Air Supply with his mom.

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Pouch here. It's interesting to note that the last episode was difficult to record because we were fucking struggling to figure out what the hell to talk about... whereas in this new one, I had to cut it short because it didn't seem like there was any end in sight. We had a lot to talk about and we had a lot of fun this time around. Lots of never-ending subjects and more Milky Rants than you can muster. By the way, the Facebook page is under Dropping Loads Productions, however the link (which will always be listed below) is Facebook/DroppingLoadsPodcast. I was dumb enough not to change it.

Please check us out on FacebookTwitterEmail, and leave a review on iTunes. Subscribe to us on YouTube. Intro/Outro: Bling Bling - BG featuring Birdman, Lil' Wayne, Turk, Mannie Fresh, and Juvenile.

This week's Teasing Loads features Eugene imploring Nikki to make his chicken the way he likes it.

Also check out the most fun we've had in a sketch yet: Chicken Intervention.

And see how much fun we had on the sketch in the Making Of.

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