Dropping Loads Episode 190: Microchip Up Your Ass

In this episode, Ness announces his plans to break into the Internet and recalls his time at a Metallica concert. The guys remember Chester Bennington of Linkin Park.

Pouch here. Though we had stopped listening to Linkin Park a long time ago, the way that Chester passed really affected all of us. We understand that it's supposed to be a comedy podcast, but we felt it really important that we talk about this shit. If you or someone you know is struggling, please, please reach out to someone for help. The Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a great place if you don't think you can reach out to your friends or family. They saved my life, honestly. I'm hoping they can help you or your loved ones. Intro/outro: Linkin Park - In the End.

Get a Load of This

Employees of this Company Volunteering to be Fucking Microchipped

Shit We Mentioned

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