Dropping Loads Episode 193: Vagina Installation

In this episode, Paco promotes the use of the word "Lit." Pouch brings what Paco deems is the most depressing story she's ever heard. 

Pouch here. Get ready for a break following this episode as Paco and Milky tour the country of Peru. It sucks that we went out on this episode because the last five minutes turned out to be nothing but noise and we still don't know what happened. Intro/Outro: YFN Lucci - Everyday We Lit ft. PnB Rock. Warp transition sound effect by ev-dawg.

Get a Load of This

Burgers Made out of Fucking Mealworms

Chick With No Fucking Vagina

Paco's Tacos

Pouch's Fajitas: 5 Horrifying Tragedies Behind Everyday Routines

Witch confesses to eating human flesh as part of rituals

Dead Girlfriend Facebook Messages

Serial Killer of the Day: Maury Troy Travis

Shit We Mentioned

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