Dropping Loads Episode 197: S-Pizzle to the J-Dizzle

In this episode, SPJ returns to imagine a new game show with Snoop Dogg driving for Lyft or Uber. Pouch does something to scare Milky. Pouch returns from Nashville. 

Pouch here. So many trips are just exhausting, but it hasn't stopped us from recording and releasing an episode! And yes, I was intentionally trying to creep Milky out. Intro/outro: The Vapors - Turning Japanese. 

Get a Load of This

Man Can Put On 13 Fucking Pairs of Underwear in 30 Second, Breaks Record

Guy Finds a Fucking Secret that Might Have Housed a Murderer

Model Uses Parts of her Fucking Labia in a Pendant

Shit We Mentioned

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