Dropping Loads Episode 201: You Play Football, Fun All the Time

In this episode, Milky and Pouch marvel at the majesty that is Tommy Wiseau's The Room. Paco is fed up with it. 

Pouch here. Milky has seen The Room at least 5 times, whereas I've seen it once. And that movie changes the way you see everything from here on out. Also, there are some Paco's Tacos in there for you. Intro/outro: Mladen Milicevic - The Room. 

Get a Load of This

Fucking White Guy Claims to be Transracial

KFC Offered a Fucking Tent that Blocked Out Internet

Guy Tries to Ship out $1 million worth of Weed by Hiding them in Decorative Fucking Rocks

Paco's Tacos

Updated on Dear David

Dear David Storify

Hans Schmidt - Alleged Serial of the Day?

Shit We Mentioned

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