Dropping Loads Episode 206: Boy, You Funny

In this episode, Paco makes her first appearance of 2018 and provides updates on her bodily functions. Milky reveals that he was a bit of a dick when he was a child. 

Pouch here. After about a month being fairly unconventional and breaking from our traditions, we're trying to get back into the groove of our general schedule. Let's hope we can keep at it. Intro/outro: The Champs - Tequila.

Get a Load of This

Fucking Dumbasses Ride the Bus, Holding on to the Back

Paco's Tacos

Pouch's Fajitas: 5 Real-Life Horror Movies Deleted from Your History Books

12 Disturbing Things You'll Find on the Dark Web

Catholic Church sex abuse cases by country

Serial Killer of the Day: Donald Henry Gaskins aka Pee-Wee Gaskins

Shit We Mentioned

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