Dropping Loads Episode 213: Let’s Pee on Each Other

In this episode, Gad returns and finally accepts his nickname inspired by a condiment. Milky insists that we should all urinate on one another in the name of science. Gad provides his opinion on Avengers: Infinity War.

Pouch here. When Gad returns and when he's here, we always talk comic books and related media. So, for those of you who enjoy that content, you know what to expect. So... more Avengers talk! Intro/outro: NWA - Fuck the Police.

Get a Load of This

Nine-year-old Kid Flew on the Wind in a Fucking House and Almost Got Ran Over

Man Tries to Flee from Court Proceedings and Flipped Over the Fucking Railing and Falling from the Second Floor

Woman Tries to Microwave a Bottle of Piss and It Fucking Explodes

Shit We Mentioned

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