Dropping Loads Episode 22: Depressed for the Holidays

In this episode, Milky and Pouch welcome Random Guy Serge to the Pre-Thanksgiving proceedings. The boys talk Hostess, Necrophilia, and sex toys, while Milky invalidates Pouch's article as well as his arguments against Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey. 

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Pouch here. 

Since this recording session took place the day before Thanksgiving, most of the DLP boys were unable to attend, so I brought in one of my buddies to sit in with Milky and me. For someone who was deathly afraid of bogging the podcast down, he ended up providing a fair amount of laughs. As explained in the pod, we recorded in the backyard of Milky Way Studios and as a result, you will hear random things in the background that we may or may not acknowledge. It just so happened to be a pretty busy night, but I managed to take out the most distracting of noises. 
This week's Teasing Loads has me fondly remembering the days of the Twinkie.

And don't forget our GIVEAWAY! After hitting 50 subscribers last week, we wanted to celebrate by giving you guys some free shit. The video details all the prizes you can win... all you gotta do and subscribe and comment!

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Invalidated Article about Divorce that Husband Blames on Fifty Shades of Grey

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For more details about the sex toys as well as the topics discussed on this week's episode can be found at the official Dropping Loads Podcast Blog.

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