Dropping Loads Episode 23: Can’t Hashtag “Hashtag”

In this episode, the boys find out that Bigfoot is related to humans and that even old dogs can accomplish more than Maria and Nikki. A debate sparks about who is the more attractive of the two leads of Supernatural, while the boys discover that Milky wouldn't mind naming his unborn child Hashtag.

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Pouch here. Aside from the pods, it's been pretty quiet around these parts. As was said on Facebook, technical difficulties are really putting a standstill on our regular shooting schedule. We've had a great idea in the can since November, but shit happens. This short hiatus should be ending by next week, now that everything is cleared up. You should be getting some more original Dropping Loads productions soon enough. Wait for it... But until then, I present to you another episode of the great Dropping Loads podcast.

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This week's Teasing Loads has Milky explaining the common phenomenon of Bigfoot sightings.

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Dogs are Fucking Driving!

Alcohol Taketh and Giveth Back

Scientist Related to Pokemon Trainer Discovers a Cryptid Fucked a Woman to Bring about Bigfoot

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