Dropping Loads Episode 232: Prostitutes Howling in the Night - Halloween Special

In this episode, the guys record late in the week, meaning minimal edits and extremely delayed live thunder claps. Pouch finds that he has terrible timing. Paco wants to go a haunted tour in Japan. Milky wants to find howling prostitute ghosts. 

Pouch here. Let's pull back the curtain a bit. Normally, we record episodes on Tuesday or Wednesday, leaving ample time to edit the podcast without having to stress for the Sunday release. Because we wanted to have Paco on for the Halloween special, we had to push the recording session to a Friday. With little to no time to edit, we had to record this like a live show, complete with thunder claps that I realize while recording were extremely delayed. In the end, it provided some much needed comedic release between spooky stories. Enjoy our 6th annual Halloween special! Intro/outro: Queen - Killer Queen. Thunder clap sound effects: Pablo Perez.

Paco's Tacos

Haunted Wild Places in Japan

Pouch's Fajitas

Auditory Hallucinations

Shriek of Death

10 Creepiest Rooms Ever Discovered

11 Mysterious Videos That Cannot Be Explained

John Lang

The Video that Shook Pouch

Shit We Mentioned

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