Dropping Loads Episode 233: Kangaroo Almost Killed Johnny Cash

In this episode, the boys officially welcome Lionheart as a Semi-Permanent. Pouch discovers that Lionheart is a wealth of useless information. Milky is left out when Pouch and Lionheart bond over Flavor of Love.

Pouch here. It's the first official episode of Dropping Loads where Lionheart joins us as a Semi-Permanent. With any new member, it takes time to learn how to operate and adapt, but once we discovered our mutual love for Flavor of Love and all things trashy VH1, it was smooth sailing. Intro/outro: Flavor Flav - Flavor-Man

Get a Load of This

Doctor Goes Deep and Pulls a Fucking Leech out of a Guy’s Nose

Fucking “Beer” for Dogs

Guy is Creates a Remotely Controlled Robotic Fucking Finger to Connect to your Phone

Girl Brings Home Fucking Crack Cocaine from School, Tries Some

Shit We Mentioned

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