Dropping Loads Episode 234: Nessklok

In this episode, Metal Ness returns and performs a concert for the boys. Milky expresses his love of midgets once more. Milky and Ness become fascinated with goats and urine. 

Pouch here. Ness is back and he's been through a lot this past year, but looks like he's managing to pull through it. Make sure you guys give him some love when he launches Vice City Creative. Intro/outro: Dying Inside: Magnum Opus

Get a Load of This

Mountain Goats are Getting Too Hype on Fucking Human Piss, Being Fucking Airlifted out of National Park in Washington

People Tried to Disguise Meth as Fucking Aztec Statues

Girl Sells Out Cookies in Front of Fucking Weed Dispensary in Canada, the Day it Became Legal

Shit We Mentioned

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