Dropping Loads Episode 237: E. coli Boxer

In this episode, SPJ is upset with Pouch for not appreciating his computer setup. Pouch re-discovers SPJ's Donald Duck impression. The boys analyze the phrase, "Tip drill." 

Pouch here. SPJ was not originally planned for this episode, but the other Semi-Permanents were unavailable, but we're definitely going to try to get into another regular rotation to maintain the variety. Either way, SPJ as usual brought the funny. Intro/outro: Nelly - Tip Drill Remix (E.I.) featuring St. Lunatics. 

Get a Load of This

University wants to Fight Shooters with fucking Hockey Pucks

Man Gets Shitty Underwear with his fucking Uber Eats Order

Guy Turns Himself in to Police via fucking Facebook

Chick Who Got Married to a Fucking Ghost Pirate Ended her Marriage

Shit We Mentioned

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