Dropping Loads Episode 244: Driven by Nut

In this episode, Paco returns in the zero hour to rediscover her faith. Milky realizes that he's an honorary Peruvian in the eyes of Paco's father. 

Pouch here. Yeah, we had a last minute cancellation and Paco jumped in to save the podcast. This means, we weren't particularly prepared for this and everything came together just in time. I think it came out pretty well though. Let me know what you think. Intro/Outro: Type O Negative - Christian Woman. 

Get a Load of This

You can now Rent a Room in the Fucking Gas Station from Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Pouch's Fajitas

Centuries-Old ‘Witch Marks’ Found In Ancient Cave

Creepiest True Stories People Lived Through

Paco's Tacos

911 Call from Abandoned Cemetery

Video of Abandoned Cemetery

Serial Killer of the Day: Joachim Kroll - The Ruhr Cannibal, Ruhr Hunter, and The Duisburg Man-Eater

Shit We Mentioned

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