Dropping Loads Episode 250: Chicken in a Chokehold

In this episode, Ryan Beagley, host of Green Up Podcast and Lucky to be Dad Podcast, usurps control of the 250th episode of Dropping Loads. He takes Milky, Pouch, Ness, and SPJ on a journey through earnest reflection, games, and several dick & fart jokes, despite some obstacles set forth by SPJ. Milky issues a challenge to the chickens of the world. Ness is fascinated by an uncomfortable type of discharge. Pouch suffers his most humiliating defeat ever. 

Pouch here. This is it, guys. Our 250th episode. It's cliche to say, but we honestly never thought we'd get to this point. It's mostly because we never look too far into the future. Enjoy this extremely fun episode hosted by the one and only Ryan Beagley. Huge thanks to Ryan for coming in clutch and helping us ring in this landmark episode. Intro/Outro: El Henno - Metal Ness Riff 2. 

Check Ryan out on his two podcasts:

Lucky to be Dad Podcast


Green Up Podcast


Shit We Mentioned

For more details on the topics discussed on this episode, please visit the Dropping Loads official website.

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