Dropping Loads Episode 26: Get Over It!

In this episode, Milky enlists the help of Maria, Nikki, and Pouch to solve the case of the mysterious pile of poop that's been appearing on his car. The gang discusses J.J. Abrams as the director of Star Wars: Episode VII and the banning of Django Unchained action figures in a new pop culture segment introduced by Milky.

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Pouch here. Well, we got one-half of that infamous duo that I promised last time. We brought Nikki back as well as Maria, making for a pretty funny episode. Overall, I'm not at all happy with the way it turned out technically. We decided to record at the new Sapporo Sphere and laid out the equipment in a nice round-table setting. Unfortunately, one of the mics utilizes a desk mic stand and this is one of the few times that we've sat together and shared a table. As a result, you hear EVERY little bump and it was irreparable. So please, bear with it. Hopefully, you'll be too busy laughing to really notice.

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This week's Teasing Loads has Pouch attempting to clarify the characteristics of the mysterious shit that's been appearing on Milky's car.

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