Dropping Loads Episode 27: Black Jesus Got It

In this episode, Random Guy Serge returns to regale his dreams of a dread-locked ethnically controversial messiah ensuring his safety as well as lead a discussion condemning The Dark Knight Rises (once again!). The boys then discuss foot fetishes, the comfort and security of prison (once again!), and Milky's fast food aspirations.

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Pouch here. If any of you guys are wondering when Eugene'll be back for the pod, then your guess is as good as mine. He was scheduled to come in for this recording session, but he seemed be missing-in-action for a bit. It came to a point where we couldn't wait any longer and we just started recording without him, instead opting to have Random Guy Serge sit-in once again in his place. Less than five minutes in, I received a text from Eugene. I will get him back on, I will promise you guys for the next episode!

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This week's Teasing Loads features Milky discussing the extent of his altruistic dreams.

And if you guys miss Eugene's presence on the podcast, you can still catch him on last week's sketch, Them Boys Insurance.

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