Dropping Loads Episode 29: Pimp Pope

In this episode, the DLP crew celebrate Batman as well as their inclusion into the 76th Street Network. Milky and Maria swap tales of roach encounters, while Pouch lectures on about the Pope and the Buddha. 

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Pouch here. How's it going? Sorry for the late upload, but I had some of my own technical difficulties this time around and at the same time, the DLP went on vacation in Orlando for the big Megacon. It was good fun, but of course we gotta get back to work, right? And the big news is that we joined a network, yo! It's the big leagues now. 
Check out the 76th Street Network for our pod and several other great pods as well.

Intro/Outro theme: Sickest Buddhist - Arj Barker.

Check out last week's production, Out Like a Fleshlight.

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Pussy Pistol

Tire-eating Chick

Married 8-year-old

Asshole Sues Parents because He Didn't Get Enough Love

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