Dropping Loads Episode 30: Bushwookiee

In this episode, Jon brings the laughs as he weighs in on the Vatican and the Pope for another edition of "Get a Load of This," while bringing some weird news of his own. The boys talk current slang and discuss the the Veronica Mars Kickstarter and the implications it has on our favorite canceled shows.

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Pouch here. This episode was a long time coming. Milky and I sat down with Jon, without a fourth member, and as expected, it was a laughfest. Then again, even with four people, he brings the house down. You see, Milky and I have been experimenting with the less is more approach, opting to record with only one other person at time. So far, the outcome has been pretty grand, if you look back to some of the episodes with only the three people. Now, we haven't closed off the option of having 4-5 members again, if we can get them, because it's always fun to have a bunch of people crowded together in a room talking shit. But it just requires more effort attempting to schedule more than one person at a time. Either way, this was a fun episode.

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And last week's DVD Load-Down, where Milky and I review the bizarre Meet the Feebles.

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