Dropping Loads Episode 33: On You, and Not in You

In this episode, Maria recounts tales from her place of work including a strange purchase and developing an entire roll of photos of a certain male appendage. Milky is adamant about his exciting encounter with Jim Jeffries, while Pouch dismisses Maria's excitement for him. And Jon spreads of the gospel of On You, and Not in You.

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Pouch here. Excuse some of the random bumps that you will more than likely hear throughout the episode, our equipment in amateurish at best and therefore, you ain't always going to get the best quality out of us. Either way, hopefully it'd be very difficult to notice when you're laughing the entire time. This episode was very fun to record and just as fun to edit because no matter what, Jon's random comments will never get old.

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Get a Load of This

Guy Can Jerk Off His Thumb Now

App that Warns against Fucking Your Cousin

Wife Allergic to Husband's Jizz

Fucked Up Woman Attacks with Nipple Twister

High Speed Jerk Off

Shit We Mentioned

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