Dropping Loads Episode 34: Driving While Asian

In this episode, Pouch's old friend Paul weighs in on stereotypes and the Florida man. Milky reveals his almost encyclopedic knowledge of Asians, while Pouch discusses Michael Bay's latest venture, Pain and Gain.

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Pouch here. Sorry about the no-show last week, we had to take a personal day and decided to postpone this crazy ambitious shoot we have coming up. We shot a few scenes for it the other day and had a blast. I ended up enjoying my character far too much. Hopefully, we'll get that to you soon enough.

Now on to what you guys came here for: the podcast. I have an old friend that I've known since freshman year of high school and we've kept in relatively close contact for a while. He's been imploring me for a chance to hang out on the set during one of our shoots, but   considering how often our actors get a little spooked by strangers, I always opted not to invite him. But I decided to give him a shot on the pod, if he was the sole guest, to avoid people clamming up. He's a pretty cool guy, but unfortunately Milky and I dominate the conversation, so hopefully, if he's back on, he'll have more to say.

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