Dropping Loads Episode 38: I Live Bicuriously

In this episode, Jon has beef with his Internet service provider. Pouch is put in a situation that stumps him. Milky has an encounter with the homeless, while Jon and Milky deconstruct Pouch in an impromptu therapy session.

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Pouch here. There was some issues with this one in that you will here a ton of random bumps and there's no real excuse for it. We just weren't that careful with the equipment. Try to ignore them. Maybe you won't notice it, but I certainly did and it bothered the shit out of me.

Check out our last sketch, Pure White.

And the alternate ending.

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Artistic Awakenings

Get a Load of This

Dumass Shoots Doorknob, Takes Off Pants to Flee Walmart

Politician is an Alien Fucker

Florida Man Punches Horse's Ass

Teacher Duct Tapes Kid's Mouths

Shit We Mentioned

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