Dropping Loads Episode 39: I Gotta Poop

In this episode, Random Guy Serge returns to update us on a familiar incestuous idiot, while Pouch comes to the idiot's defense. Newly-hired Pouch comes to us from his place of work with tales of an obsessed, yet mysterious, caller and reveals the results of his investigation.

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Pouch here. We finally stepped out our game a little bit and invested in some fancy new mic stands. Surprisingly, they actually do help a lot with quality of the audio. Typically, I read the news on a lounge table with a desk mic. That usually means that I move away from the mic a lot unintentionally. This way, it's always near my mouth. Yeah, no need to tell me that she said that. Let's hope you hear the difference.

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Lady Tries on Shoes and Pisses on Lawn

Florida Man Tries to Steal a Lawnmower with a Bike

Florida Man Sends Out Naked Pictures of Ex-Roommate

Florida Man Needs to Take a Shit After Being Caught Getting Trapped in a Window while Attempting to Flee

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