Dropping Loads Episode 40: Don’t Fart in the Courthouse

In this episode, Pouch denounces a local mechanic, while Milky excoriates courthouse flatulence. Milky believes Americans were raised with no manners. Maria and Pouch exchange encounters with the homeless. 

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Pouch here! Yeah, yeah, I know we haven't been too consistent as of late, but shit happens and stuff gets postponed. We do have lives, unfortunately, that really prevent us from being able to create content for you motherfuckers. Buuuut we finally sat our asses down and recorded another podcast for you fine folks

As explained to some degree in this episode, it's been quite a hiatus, so much so that we were pretty enthusiastic to record. And you'll hear it... hopefully. The extended length of an hour and 12 minutes should be an indicator of just how much we didn't want to stop. 

Check out our last DVD Load-Down, where I play Creeper Pouch.

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