Dropping Loads Episode 44: Banger

In this episode, Milky stages an intervention against Pouch's attempt to oppress Milky's Catholic beliefs. Jon squeezes enough time into his schedule to enlighten the boys on what exactly a Banger is. The boys briefly discuss the benefits of pursuing public sexual escapades. 

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Pouch here. As was explained in the unnecessarily long introduction to the episode, the meat of this episode was recorded weeks ago on Labor Day. Unfortunately, Jon and I both started new jobs that really limit the amount of time we can dedicate to the pod. But we had a small window of opportunity on Labor Day, when Jon was available to record and we decided we did not want to miss it. We tried to schedule a recording session with enough time, but unfortunately, as it always does, shit ran late and we only had about 30 minutes to record before I had to whisk myself off to work. Regardless, I feel even with the small amount of time we had, we still managed to capture some magic. Intro/Outro: School of Rock - School of Rock cast.

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