Dropping Loads Episode 49: Rich Son of God featuring Lance Manion

In this episode, author Lance Manion returns to pimp his new book, "The Trembling Fist." The boys discuss the savior in all His glory, while slowly conceptualizing a new sitcom about the messiah's misadventures. Pouch is afraid of offending this culture obsessed with political correctness, while Milky simply doesn't care. Check out http://www.lancemanion.com

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Your loyal Pouch here. It hasn't been the most joyous week for us here at Milky Way Studios. After we recorded this fantastic episode, we received some particularly sad news. That should not detract you from this great episode here. It's the triumphant return of author Lance Manion. The very last time we had him on was on Episode 31, when he was promoting National Have Sex with an Ugly Person Day. We've been meaning to have him back on after we had such a great time, but I dropped the ball on that one and didn't bring him in when Homo Sayswhaticus was released. Rest assured, it'd likely won't happen again. Make sure you check out Lance at his website and don't forget to pick up his new book, The Trembling Fist, out now on paperback and e-book. Intro/outro: Thomas Rhett - Beer with Jesus

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