Dropping Loads Episode 50: Satan Claws - 50th Episode Spectacular

In this episode, DLP celebrates the 50th episode by pulling a round robin episode, featuring three different semi-permanents switching off after each of their own special segments. Jon is fascinated by WWE's brilliant marketing scheme to incorporate brawling Santas, Maria tells a tale of a food-worshipping family, while Random Guy Serge sits in on the DLP Parenting Corner. 

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Pouch here. Who woulda thought this dopey little podcast would ever make it to episode 50? You'd think that after 5 episodes, we'd be at each other's throats, but nope, we hung in there. Now we're celebrating a landmark episode. 50 episodes, brah! It feels good. This episode requires some explanation. We obviously wanted to do something different to commemorate this special, so we decided to do a round robin episode, featuring three different semi-permanents (i.e. regulars), dedicating about 10-15 minutes a piece to them and switching off. It'd all be book ended by Milky and me. Though we had some audio issues, it came out pretty good and I'm happy to release it. 

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