Dropping Loads Episode 51: Whirlpool of Hunger

In this episode, Pouch professes his hatred towards Bamboo and spins a tale of almost certain death. Milky can't quite accept new and expensive way of putting to your loved ones to rest. Paco is hungry. 

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Happy New Year, folks! Pouch here. It's nice to start off fresh in the new year with episode 51. As you can tell, I'm still coming off of the high that was the 50th episode celebration. Not to toot my own horn, but that was a pretty great episode and will definitely live on as one of the highlights of our collection. However, let's look forward into the present and the future. This episode was pulled together very quickly, though the topic of Bamboo was gestating for a long time. If you ever watch any of the Operation Helping Hands videos, make sure it's the 7-minute long one. Intro/outro: The Ramones - Mama's Boy 

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