Dropping Loads Episode 55: Women Love Cheese

In this episode, Random Guy Serge attempts to decipher his own drunken scrawl. Milky defends Hot Pocket love, while Pouch cannot contain his excitement over the Batman: Arkham Knight announcement. Paco doesn't like Swiss Cheese. 

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Have had a busy last few weeks here that surprisingly were not related to DLP... but that didn't stop us from delivering, did it? Nope. We're still here and we're still releasing all of your favorite shit in a timely manner. This is going to be a pretty short update, unfortunately, as not much is really going on that we care to reveal at the moment. Also, my apologies for terrible news reporting. I blame it on RGS keeping me up with his drunken shenanigans. Just check out this latest podcast for your weekly DLP fix. Intro/Outro: Warrant - Cherry Pie

Shit We Mentioned
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