Dropping Loads Episode 59: You’ve Done Enticed Me, Sir

In this episode, Pouch brings more spooky stuff to discuss for no apparent reason. Paco wants to start her own spooky segment, but despises the name that Milky gives it. 

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After I had a chance to lick my wounds a little regarding our failed movie screening, I came back with some renewed vigor…. Not really, but I just realized that with all the ‘Net surfing I do, I should share some of it with you guys. I do tend to find some cool stuff when browsing the Internet when it’s slow at work, so I think more shit like that should be appearing on the pod from time to time.

Overall, the recording of this podcast was met a fair amount of tumult. We were delayed several times that it eventually took about 2 1/2 hours to record an hour long podcast. And as you can see, Milky became delirious at a certain point and I followed not far behind. Intro/Outro: Never Heard of It – Taco Song.

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