Dropping Loads Episode 61: Bay-Hem

In this episode, the boys clamor for sponsorship as they begin plugging advertisements for everything they love. Jon disapproves of Pouch's reckless jaywalking. Milky explains the importance of Landon Donovan to Pouch. The boys lament the loss of Edgar Wright from Marvel's Ant-Man. 

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This was a bit last minute... well, it was for me. Milky seemed pretty prepared whereas I was a little disorganized and somewhat disoriented as you can tell from the constant shifting of topics. So for those who have longer attention spans, forgive me. I wasn't in the right mood to be an entertainer that day. Regardless, Jon rocked the house as usual, giving us a pretty cool shirt idea. Intro/Outro - System of a Down - Psycho

Get a Load of This

Loads of FUN:
Jean-Claude Seagal

Shit We Mentioned
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