Dropping Loads Episode 62: Massive Dump

In this episode, Paco brings tales of drunken mishaps, one of which Pouch utterly dismisses. Milky is embarrassed with his encounter with John Carpenter. Pouch brings some more Loads of FUN, while Paco returns with some tasty Tacos. 

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Another longer-than-usual episode. We just had A LOT to cover and we, unfortunately, had to cut a decent amount out because we got pretty enveloped by all the May-Hem talk. The original file was about an hour and a half, but I managed to shave off about 10 minutes or so. You're welcome. I'm also not particularly happy with the way this week's Loads of FUN came out. I really need to think on some tie-breakers that will ensure this type of discrepancy doesn't happen again. Intro/outro - Parry Gripp - Crunchy Taco
Get a Load of This
Loads of FUN:
Cryptid or Not?

Paco's Tacos
Shit We Mentioned
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