Dropping Loads Episode 64: Swag Refinement

In this episode, Pouch recounts a tale of tranny hookers and ensures that Semi-Permanent Jon is there when he's not, while Random Guy Serge and Milky discuss the World Cup. Pouch and Milky talk about the 17-minute First Look of Guardians of the Galaxy

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Sincerest apologies for the audio issues this episode. Things weren't quite working out with RGS's microphone and as a result, Milky and my tracks needed to be tweeked to compensate for Serge's. We've had a decent streak with audio lately and it sucks that we have to end it with a relatively good episode. Paco was out of town for this one, so we got the opportunity to bring out one of our favorite semi-permanents back. 
Get a Load of This

Shit We Mentioned

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