Dropping Loads Episode 66: Neverending Podcast

In this episode, Paco ensures that the podcast keeps going and going mixing Tacos and tourism, while Milky and Pouch are left to decipher and wade through the madness. 

This episode was a bitch to edit. There was a LOT to sift and a LOT to cut to make this episode a more palatable length. In the end, about 15 minutes ended up somewhere in the void of Audition deletions. Regardless, we have fun like we always do, giving Paco a hard time. I just wish we had more time for her Tacos. Intro/outro: Parry Grip - Surfin' Taco
The secret phrase has been hidden somewhere in this podcast and if you want that sweet, sweet Guardians of the Galaxy mini-poster, you've got to find it and e-mail it to us at droppingloadspodcast@gmail.com with the subject "Guardians of the Galaxy Poster Giveaway" or something resembling that. Now, here's a quick adjustment to the rules. I'm cutting the time you have by a week so that we can reveal the winner in the episode taking place about a month from now, which will be on September 7th. The deadline to get the secret phrase to us is September 3rd by 5PM. Any e-mails after that will not be accepted into the drawing. Sorry, guys, but we need some order to this chaos. 

Got that? 
1) Listen to episode 66 for the secret phrase
2) E-mail droppingloadspodcast@gmail.com with secret phrase in body, "Guardians of the Galaxy Poster Giveaway" in subject line
3) Do it by September 3rd by 5PM. 
4) Listen to episode 68 for the winner!
Sounds good? Now go!

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