Dropping Loads Episode 7: Cream Lantern

In this episode, the boys train in the Metal Police Academy, celebrate the birthday of our favorite action star Steven Seagal by discussing his many achievements, two games for the price of one in Loads of FUN, and Jon remains completely devoted to a certain joke. This episode is dedicated to Steven Seagal's ponytail.

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Ponch here. Eventually, I'm going to get one of those other motherfuckers to come on here and write a blog entry introducing a new episode of your favorite podcast. Thankfully, with Jon back in the mix, this episode managed to bring back that chemistry that was lost episode 6, so you should be having fun on this one. As usual, please check us on Facebook or Twitter, and leave a review for us on iTunes. Intro/Outro: Girl It's Alright -Steven Seagal

Get a Load of This

Guy's Wife Finds Other Wife on Facebook

Dum-ass Needs to Update Facebook While Running from Police

Kidney for iPad

Metal Police Finds Toothpaste Thief

Naked Artist Swim

Loads of FUN

Shooting Blanks: Katie Morgan Edition

Fucking with Urban Dictionary

Spastic Loads

Wind Map


For more details on the topics discussed in this episode, visit the official Dropping Loads Blog.

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