Dropping Loads Episode 74: YOLO, No Speak Españolo

In this episode, the boys continue the reboot of the sequel trilogy of the SP J epic. DLP picks up the challenge set forth by Pure BS Podcast and share our own sex stories. SP Jon begins his movie review segment on Perfume: The Story of Swag

Pouch here. It seems like our show is made up of content generated by our podcasting peers now and that's okay, because that means less work for me. I personally enjoy the interaction between our big bros and various other colleagues, but if anybody feels like we should get back to our roots and talk shit off the cuff again, I'd be glad to. Either way, I'm glad we listened to PBS, because we got a fantastic movie review from SP J. Intro/Outro: Hate it or Love it - The Game Featuring 50 Cent. 

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Shit We Mentioned
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