Dropping Loads Year-in-Review

In this episode, Pouch, Milky, and Random Guy Serge sit down and go through Dropping Loads in 2012. The boys drop loads of insight regarding the podcast and the launch of Dropping Loads Productions, while providing behind-the-scenes information for some of their favorite sketches filmed throughout the year. Pouch and Milky give special thanks to everyone involved and welcome the many opportunities in 2013.

Hey, guys. It's Pouch. The last few months here at Dropping Loads have been kind of hectic. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties as well as the holidays coming up around this time, we haven't been on any regular schedule. But that hasn't stopped us from trying to continue releasing as much entertainment as possible.

With this being the last week of 2012, we figured it was worth trying to get something out before the year ended. So we decided on a pod that reflected on this past year and how much we managed to accomplish. I can't speak for everyone at Dropping Loads, but I know that this was a big year for me. For the most part, I've never been the type of a person that reflected upon the year with swelling pride and/or regret as I never actually did anything worthwhile. It was just a matter of ending another year and life continuing on with no need to celebrate any momentous occasions. I'm glad to say that this year warranted such a change to my routine.

It's hard to say what really pushed me to suggest doing a podcast in the first place, but I suppose it was just a need to finally start on a project that I could put my creative energies into. I was slowly getting disillusioned with writing movie news, because it really felt like nobody gave a shit what I had to say. Though, it's difficult to gauge whether or not anybody gives a shit what we have to say on the pod or the videos, but overall the experience of just creating all of this content has been the reward in itself. It's brought me closer to a group of friends that I initially felt sharply divided from. So now I can actually say - with more certainty than I could in the past - that I feel a certain sense of a belongingness. And all of it can be tracked through our blog and YouTube channel. It's wonderful that we have something we can show for it and it's even more wonderful that that there are people that actually care, though many of you guys don't make it known very often.

It's been a great year creating things for you guys and hopefully it'll be an even better year in 2013. Thanks for sticking by us.

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